Health and Safety FAQs

Please note that all answers listed below are evolving. Information is subject to change based on county directives. Check back here as needed for the latest updates.

  • How will physical distancing in classes be managed?
  • What if the pandemic dissipates over the summer only to return in the fall? How will classes be impacted?
  • What steps will USD take to reduce the risk of a community member contracting COVID-19? What if an on-campus member of the University community tests positive for COVID-19 or has the symptoms of COVID-19?
  • What steps am I expected to take as a USD community member to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19?


  • What will Campus Recreation, Fitness and Outdoor Adventures services, programs and facilities look like this fall?
  • What services will the Counseling Center be providing?
  • How do I schedule a counseling appointment?
  • Can I speak to a counselor after hours?
  • In addition to telehealth, what other online mental health resources are you offering?
  • I am a student with a disability, how do I ensure I can get my accommodations?
  • Will the Center for Health and Wellness Promotion (CHWP) still provide outreach for my campus organization/club?
  • What wellness online education do I need to complete prior to classes starting?
  • How do I remove the premium charged to my Student Account for the Student Health Insurance Plan?
  • Am I eligible for the Student Health Insurance Plan?
  • Do I need a referral to see a doctor in the community?
  • How will the Student Health Center provide care in the fall?
  • How do I schedule a medical appointment with the Student Health Center?
  • I have a health condition that makes me high risk for complications from COVID-19. What precautions should I take?
  • How do I submit my immunization information?
  • What does the process look like if a student wants to be tested for COVID-19?
  • What happens when there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 associated with USD?
  • What if I am an on-campus resident and will be returning from abroad? Do I need to self-quarantine?

Parents and Families


  • Health Guidance
  • Benefits Information
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • How to Stay Active
  • Mindfulness Resources