FAQs for Employees

Please note that all answers listed below are evolving. Information is subject to change based on county directives. Check back here as needed for the latest updates.

Update: On July 29, 2020, USD President James T. Harris III sent out a communication to faculty, staff and administrators that included the following updates:

Due to the continuing progression of COVID-19 and the number of confirmed cases in California and San Diego, neither the State of California nor San Diego County has issued new guidance for institutions of higher education to reopen this fall. Therefore, until we receive further notice, all undergraduate and graduate courses will be delivered in a remote learning format. We will continue to move ahead with our fall semester start date of August 17 for undergraduate students. Graduate schools will continue to follow their respective academic calendars.

Maintaining our low-density model on campus remains paramount in the current environment. We encourage those members of our staff to discuss with their supervisors the option to continue to work remotely throughout the 2020 fall semester, as we provide the necessary services for our students while simultaneously lowering the number of people on campus at any one time. 

We will soon be sharing new county guidelines for mandatory COVID-19 symptom and temperature screening on our campus for those who continue their excellent work supporting our essential campus operations.

Below are answers to some questions you may have regarding how to track your work time and log your hours for pay continuity during this time. (Please click here to access these FAQs in Spanish.) If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Employee Relations team in Human Resources at hr@sandiego.edu or (619) 260-4594.

  • As a non-exempt staff employee, how should I complete my timecard during this time?
  • As an exempt administrator, how should I track my work hours or time away during this COVID-19 pandemic?
  • What if I am a temporary employee?
  • What if I am willing and able to work, but some or all of the duties outlined in my job description cannot be performed remotely and I am unable to work all of my regularly scheduled hours?
  • What if I am unable to report to work because my child's school has closed?
  • How am I paid if I cannot work because I do not feel well?
  • What if my job duties are deemed as an essential operation and I am unable to report to work because I am self-quarantined?
  • What if I am unable to report to work because I am caring for an ill family member?
  • Why is the pay code category named COVID-19?


  • How can employees obtain a COVID-19 test?
  • What happens when there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 associated with USD?
  • What is the plan moving forward for testing and tracing for the Fall 2020 semester?

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