USD's Plan for Fall 2020

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San Diego County has been taken off the State of California’s watch list and there are State COVID-19 industry recommendations, as well as orders from San Diego County that enable USD to make a decision to initiate a limited return to campus. Although San Diego County is still operating under stay-at home orders, the university is moving forward with a select number of in-person class offerings, as well as allowing a limited number of students to move onto campus.

We have extended this housing option to all students who have previously indicated interest in on-campus housing for the fall semester. On-campus housing under a single occupancy model is limited, and therefore, it is unlikely we can accommodate all requests. Priority housing will be given to first- and second-year students, those who live in a different time zone than San Diego, and those students taking labs and capstone courses. Please note that no student is required to move to campus at this time, and we will honor your housing for the spring semester whether you plan to return to campus now or in the future. Our Residential Life Team will be available this weekend to respond to inquiries at 

The university has put in place several health and safety measures across campus, and those have been updated based on the current situation. COVID-19 testing is required for those students living in residence halls, and flu vaccines are strongly recommended. COVID-19 testing will be available on campus during the fall semester. Please note that the university does not intend to close the campus if county or state COVID-19 data reflect a growing trend of cases or outbreaks.

In order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the university requires each person affiliated with the campus to inform us if they plan to be on campus or not, every day. If they plan to be on campus, they will then complete a brief daily health screening survey.

Students, faculty, staff and administrators who are not receiving the daily screening email should contact the COVID Support Team at and request to be added to the list. Please include your name, email address and 9-digit ID number from your Torero ID Card. Until you begin to receive the daily screening email, you may do the symptom screen in person at one of our campus temperature screening locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Will student orientation programs such as University Ministry and Outdoor Adventures still be available virtually?
  • Is food service going to be available during the fall semester?
  • In the event that we are able to have students on campus and there there is an outbreak of COVID-19 cases, will we send students home as we did last spring?
  • When will we receive more detailed information?