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Monday, June 18, 2018

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For many prospective MBA students, leaving the workforce for an extended period of time just isn’t feasible, especially if you’re well established in your career. But just because you may not be in a position to take a hiatus, doesn’t mean you can’t earn the same accredited degree, gain the same international experience, and acquire the same level of business acumen as with a one- or two-year MBA program.

Part-time MBA programs give you the flexibility to work while you earn your degree and use the skills you acquire in the classroom to progress in your current role or career. The Part-Time MBA at the University of San Diego (USD) School of Business offers a degree program that is equivalent to our Full-Time MBA in course content and prestige, with the option to choose evening on-campus classes or a hybrid online/on-campus format that best fits your needs as a working professional.

Different Structure, Same Degree

At the USD School of Business, our MBA programs—and all of our degree programs, for that matter—are designed to provide students with the globally relevant and socially responsible leadership skills needed to conduct business in today’s increasingly global economy. With the part-time program, students can complete their 53 credit units in as little as two years—the same length as our full-time MBA program, but also have the flexibility to slow down the pace of classes.

Top-ranked regionally and nationally for our real-world studies, life-changing experiences, alumni success, faculty research and student-centric academic experiences, the Part-Time MBA is in every way the same degree as our Full-Time MBA. Plus, our part-time MBA students have the advantage of being able to apply new information immediately in the workplace—e.g., something learned in a finance class on a Tuesday night could be applied to a meeting with your company’s CFO on Wednesday morning.

Two Flexible Degree Formats

The Part-Time MBA is USD’s most flexible MBA program, with two formats to meet the varying needs of our students who are also full-time working professionals. The evening program convenes twice per week at our beautiful San Diego campus, typically at 5:30 p.m. or 7 p.m., while our hybrid program requires students to come to campus just one weekend per month, with remaining class time completed online. USD is proud to offer the first hybrid MBA in the San Diego region. We also give you the option to mix and match between the evening and hybrid program—or switch formats entirely—after completing your first semester.

Education & Collaboration on a Global Scale

If you’re in the market for a purely virtual degree program in which logging into a portal, downloading the course content, and taking a test is the extent of your participation, then USD’s Part-Time MBA isn’t the degree program for you. Group work comprises a significant portion of the curriculum, which means students must often find creative ways to collaborate with their classmates. Even in a hybrid setting, students have ample opportunities to forge meaningful connections with their professors and peers, which often translate into strategic, long-term relationships in business.

This commitment to collaboration extends to the hands-on, international learning experiences that are inherent to all of MBA programs—including the Part-Time MBA. Students are often surprised to learn that more than half of our part-time MBA students will travel overseas at least once during their time with us for short-term international consulting projects or various study abroad class options, with the added benefit of being able to network with fellow students from our partner universities around the world.

Dedicated Career Support

Perhaps the biggest reflection of USD’s student-centric approach is the level of career support we offer university-wide. A concern we sometimes hear from prospective students is that career advisors will be more highly focused on securing post-graduation employment for full-time students who have left the workforce to pursue an advanced degree. Simply put, this could not be further from the truth.

At USD, we provide equal opportunities for networking, career coaching, and salary negotiation, as well as general academic and professional guidance, for both part-time and full-time MBA students. In fact, it’s not unusual for our part-time students to come across new business opportunities—even if they weren’t necessarily looking for one—just by leveraging the resources of our career services team.

See for Yourself

If you are looking to further develop your business skills without causing a disruption to your operations—or your income—consider one of our flexible part-time MBA programs at the USD School of Business. Speak to an admissions director today or, better yet, schedule a visit to our award-winning campus in the heart of San Diego, and discover why more than 1,800 students choose USD each year to pursue their professional ambitions.


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