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Licensing Program for the University of San Diego

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This site provides information about University of San Diego trademarks, assists with answering licensing questions, and allows you to locate officially licensed merchandise. The licensing program ensures appropriate use of University of San Diego’s trademarks for both on campus and off campus.

A license must be obtained by anyone who wishes to use the terms or emblems (trademarks) of USD. Licensing protects the institution name, reputation, and image by permitting only appropriate uses and assuring that only quality products are associated with the institution. 

  • Items manufactured for internal or external use for sale and not for sale (such as for promotions or giveaway or internal use) by staff, faculty, students or affiliates, must be licensed.
    • Items should first be approved internally and must be manufactured by a licensed vendor. (See your department head, dean or advisor for additional details on your division's internal approval process). 
  • Items offered for sale to the public bearing the University trademarks must be licensed.
  • University logos and verbiage (such as "University of San Diego" and "USD") are trademarked.

All University of San Diego trademarks are the exclusive property of USD. University authorization is required for all trademark uses. The university has delegated the responsibility for maintaining and managing trademarks to CLC (Learfield) in conjunction with the USD Auxiliary Marketing and Licensing Director.


How do I find a licensee or USD licensed product?
The University utilizes many companies that hold a USD license. To find a product or a vendor, visit the CLC licensee 'find a product' page. Or, download one of the following lists of USD licensees. 

  • Licensed Internal Campus Suppliers
    • Licensees on this list should meet the needs of most internal campus departments/groups. Utilize these vendors for items that will not be sold. 
  • All Licensees:
Custom Merchandise
  • For custom printed shirt orders of 200 pieces or less, contact University Copy and Print to print your order on campus. 
  • For customizable items (gifts, apparel and more) - visit the USD Zazzle shop.
How do I obtain the current university logos and/or marks? Who do I contact for more information on licensing and trademarks?
  • Contact Loryn Johnson, Marketing and Licensing Director, University of San Diego Em: Ph: (619) 260-2356
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How do I become a USD licensee?

The University has contracted with CLC to issue licenses on its behalf. Visit the CLC licensing website to begin the process of becoming a USD licensee. 

There are several types of licensing agreements, most will fall into one of these categories:
  • Standard and Local licensing agreements for the production of emblematic merchandise to be sold by an individual or company at retail.
  • Restricted (Internal Campus Supplier) licensing agreements for the production of emblematic merchandise for use by a campus organization or department that will not be sold.

How do I obtain the current university logos and/or marks?

  • Once you become an approved USD licensee you will have access online (via the Logos on Demand site) to USD logos and marks.
Who do I contact for more information on licensing and trademarks?
  • Contact CLC directly to add USD to your license, become a new licensee, or for more information: Harrison Polk, Partner Services, CLC, Em: Ph: (770) 799-3243.

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