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2015-2016 Registration/Re-registration

The Center for Student Leadership, Involvement and Changemaking is excited to
offer Fall Club Registration Meetings beginning September 17th.
All new and old student organizations must either attend
the Student Organization Conference on September 9th or a club registration meeting to register a club for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Click here for the Student Organization Registration Flow Chart
Click Here for the Student Organization Re-Registration Flow Chart

Re-Registering Your Student Org Infograph

Please note that all clubs must be registered once per academic year.

Club Registration Meetings

*Club registration meetings must be attended for registration or to start a new club. If you attend the Student Org Conference you are not required to attend a club registration meeting. 

Date Location Time
Thursday 9/17/15 SH 101B 12:15 PM
Thursday 9/24/15 SH 101B 12:15 PM
Tuesday 10/6/15 SH 101B 12:15 PM
Tuesday 10/27/15 SH 101B 12:15 PM
Tuesday 11/10/15 SH 101B 12:15 PM
Thursday 12/3/15 SH 101B 12:15 PM
Thursday 2/11/16 SH 101B 12:15 PM
Thursday 2/25/16 SH 101B 12:15 PM
Tuesday 3/8/16 SH 101B 12:15 PM

Please keep in mind that your organization will not be able to access the many resources available to clubs (funding, room reservation, storage, etc.) until the registration process is fully completed.

If you have any questions please contact Madeline Kreig at