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Shalin Shah


Hi Toreros!

My name is Shalin Shah and I am thrilled to serve as the Speaker of the Senate this upcoming year!  I had the honor of representing the College of Arts and Sciences as a Senator the past year, which was an incredible experience that I hope to build upon. Apart from AS, I have also been involved in the Honors Program, the PA program, PA Council, AMSA (American Medical Student Association), and the Ambassadors Club.  My involvement so far has only made me more passionate about giving back to the USD community.

The University of San Diego is an amazing campus that provides so many opportunities to its students and has a uniquely close community.  All of this I have experienced first-hand, in addition to seeing how much the University has grown over only two short years.  I am extremely confident that our new team of Senators will contribute to this growth immensely, and I am so excited to work with the entire AS team, the student body, and the administration to help doing so. 

The Associated Students Senate is a team dedicated to reaching out to the students and working to enhance the Torero experience.  This year some of my main goals with Senate are to:

  • Continue reaching out and listening for student needs
  • Increase communication among AS, the student body, student organizations, the administration, and faculty
  • Promote inclusion of the diverse groups of students on campus
  • Make USD feel like home to everyone

I encourage you to reach out to us as well, and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store!

Keep Calm and Olé On!

Phone: 619.260.4600 ext. 2590

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