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Bryan Tudor

Bryan T

Hey Fellow Toreros!

I am excited to join Associated Students and be your AS Chair of Communications this year. Entering my senior year as an Economics and Political Science major I have loved every moment that I have spent here and I want to give back and make sure that USD continues to grow and reach what I believe to be limitless potential. 

I have always wanted to make a difference and help those around me in any way possible and my communications team and I will work our hardest to help foster inclusivity, school spirit, presence, and awareness on campus. Additionally, I will work diligently, shoulder-to-shoulder, with my fellow executive board members to ensure the student life and experience are the best they can be.   

As the voice of AS, the Communications Board focuses on marketing AS and student initiatives campus-wide. We make it our priority to connect the student body to the USD administration and to ensure that all of your voices are unobstructed and heard. Furthermore, we will work with the Torero Program Board (TPB) in order to create the best possible experiences and opportunities here at USD. 

Some of my major goals this year will be:  

  • Increase AS presence around campus to create and foster a strong sense of a campus community and Torero spirit
  • Bring and effectively broadcast as many new opportunities as possible for USD students
  • Help create a path to help USD and the USD name grow in the future

I want to emphasize that I will be at your service 24/7 and I am 100% dedicated to my duty of helping provide the best experiences possible for everyone on campus.  I encourage you to stop by my office (SLP 312) or just casually stop me whenever you see me around campus to chat.  My number one priority is helping you all, the students, express yourselves and I will never turn down any conversation.  We want to hear from you! 

You may also reach me via email or by phone: 


Phone: 619-260-4600 ext. 2432  

Make sure to also like, follow and communicate with us through our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages!  @usd_AS. Also check out the AS blog for important updates.  

AS Communications Chair Job Description