A.S. Elections Information

For Students

Being an Associated Students/Torero Program Board Team Member gives you the chance to give back to your community and make changes on campus as well!

For Elected Positions

Below you will find an important Informational Session presentation, as well as a signature sheet, which requires you to get 50 signatures from your constituency in support of your candidacy for that position. You are able to go door-to-door in order to get the signatures and introduce yourself!

For Appointed Positions

Below you will find the Informational Session presentation. You will need to send in a resumé to ascommunications@sandiego.edu in substitution for a signature sheet. You will still need to attend an Informational Session and fill out the application online.

Election Timeline

Election Timeline with Dates and Times
March 12- April 4 Informationals
April 5 Applications Due
April 6-7 Notification and Approval of Candidates
April 8-12 Campaigning Week
April 16 Primary Debate
April 17 24 Hour Voting Window Online
April 23 Final Debate
April 24-25 48 Hour Voting Window Online
April 26 Announcement of Positions-Elect
May 9 Swearing In

How to Vote

The voting link will be available on MySanDiego Portal and a reminder will be sent out via the MySanDiego App.

In order to receive the link for an application, you must attend an Informational Session. All applicants who have not attended an Informational Session will not have their application considered.

Informational Sessions Dates and Times

AS Informational Session Dates and Times
March 28 4:00 PM
March 29 3:00 PM
April 1 9:00 AM
April 2 12:30 PM
April 3 2:00 PM
April 4 1:00 PM

All Informational Sessions will be held in SLP 316.

Download the Signature Sheet

Download the Informational Presentation

Feel free to email ascommunications@sandiego.edu if you have any questions!

The Associated Students team this year is incorporating ways to have many more students involved with the organization, rather than just a set amount in the previous years! There WILL be opportunities for you to be involved!

If you are interested, please send an email to ascommunications@sandiego.edu to ask any questions or inquiries, and you will be added to a list that will receive updates in the near future!