On-Campus Marketing Information

There are many ways to market your organization or event on campus! Check out the information below to see what opportunities are available to you. Be sure to stop by the Creative Zone if you need additional information.

Posting Flyers

To have a flyer posted in the UC/SLP, visit the Creative Zone (SLP 302) to get your flyer approved. There are 10 positing locations in the UC/SLP including the kiosks in front of the SLP, between Camino/Founders, and in front of the KIPJ. Check out the contact information below for other posting areas.

Names and emails for contacts for each posting area on campus
Area Contact Email
Alcala Vistas Sydney Pidgeon spidgeon@sandiego.edu
Copley Library Bridget Meschen bmeschen@sandiego.edu
Camino & Founders Hall Sydney Pidgeon spidgeon@sandiego.edu
Campus Recreation Matt Farar mfarrar@sandiego.edu
Law Library Inna Murdyan innam@sandiego.edu
Maher Hall Sydney Pidgeon spidgeon@sandiego.edu
Manchester Village Apartment Sydney Pidgeon spidgeon@sandiego.edu
Mata'yuum Crossroads Sydney Pidgeon spidgeon@sandiego.edu
Valley A Sydney Pidgeon spidgeon@sandiego.edu
Valley B Sydney Pidgeon spidgeon@sandiego.edu
School of Business (Olin Hall) - Flexible Rules Contact individual offices  
School of Engineering - Loma Hall Rick Olson r_olson@sandiego.edu
School of Law - Warren Hall Inna Muradyan innam@sandiego.edu
School of Leadership Studies - Mother Rosalie Hill Hall Beth Garofalo bethg@sandiego.edu
School of Law - Warren Hall Inna Muradyan innam@sandiego.edu
School of Peace Studies - KIPJ Robin Deichler rdeichler@sandiego.edu

Policies and procedures may vary in other locations. Please check with the listed managers for more information.

Post flyers to the digital display screens in the Hahn University Center and Student Life Pavilion.