Honor Council

The Honor Council is responsible for developing policies that promote honorable conduct and high ethical standards in order to build a strong academic environment.  Accomplishments of the Council include the development of a University integrity pledge, which students sign at the end of examinations and the University of San Diego Honor Code.

The Honor Council consists of 2-3 members from each class that serve on the board for the duration of their undergraduate career at the University of San Diego. Honor Council members are required to meet once a month to judge and allocate the funds for undergraduate research grants and to program events to promote academic excellence and integrity. Honor Council members also represent the student body on Academic Integrity Hearing panels. Members must uphold the highest standard of ethical conduct in order to promote a culture of academic integrity and excellence.

Honor Council applications are currently closed.

If you have any questions regarding your application or the Honor Council, please email Maria Yakovleva, Director of Academics at usdacademics@gmail.com