Associated Student Government Vice President

Greyson Taylor

 Greeting my Torero Brothers and Sisters!!

My name is Greyson Taylor and I have the privilege of serving as your Vice President for the 2019-2020 academic year!

I am currently a senior philosophy and political science double major, originally from Los Angeles. Throughout my time at USD I’ve had my hand in numerous different things. My freshman year I was a member of ASG, serving as the Residential Senator for Maher Hall. I additionally was a part of Torero Ambassadors, representing our campus as a Torero Tour Guide. I am also a proud member of USD Greek Life, specifically Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. Where I have served as Risk Manager, and currently hold the position of Internal Vice President. 

I decided to take this position of Vice President, to put it simply, give back to the USD community. USD has not only provided me with the opportunity to receive multiple degrees from a prestigious university, something that I would not have had the opportunity to do if it were not for USD’s generous financial aid, but it has also given me the guidance I needed to come to know myself. All while giving me a place to meet people, and build relationships that will last throughout my lifetime. It is for these things, and the countless other blessings that USD has bestowed upon me that I felt called during my final year to give back to the community that has already given so much to me. It is with this that I believe there is no better way to give back, than through service. It is for this reason that my ultimate goal as Vice President is to serve the USD community, namely its student body. 

As your elected representative, I understand that I represent more than just my voice and ideals. Therefore, I plan to be committed to seeking out and listening to the student’s voice. What are the top three things that you would like to see improved at USD? What is one issue pertaining to academic affairs that you feel needs to be addressed? Such questions will not only allow the students to use their voice, but also allow me to identify the interests that are most important to the students. I understand that college is difficult and USD can be academically challenging, my mission is to find ways to make life better for the students so that they may have an increased opportunity for success. Some issues that I seek to continue and champion are, the lowering or subsidization of overall campus pricing, and the continuation of our textbook accessibility program. 

At the end of the day, all I seek is to serve the interests of current USD students well, and I look forward to the privilege of being able to embark on this journey with you all!


Phone: 619.260.4600 ext.4973


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