Director of Brand Marketing

Bryan Cardenas


My name is Bryan Cardenas, a fourth-year student majoring in Sociology with a concentration in Social Justice and a minor in Ethnic Studies. With my past and current experiences as publicist for M.E.Ch.A. and F.A.M.A. – as well as being the founding president of N.A.C.O. – I found a creative outlet through my responsibilities, which also allowed me the opportunity to grow as a student leader and individual. Through working in these student leadership roles, I have encountered many challenges that I have been able to tackle with the support of people I can call friends as well as colleagues. Likewise, I have been able to strengthen my connections with many professors who have become mentors and inspirations to me – such as the highly esteemed Professor Greg Prieto. As I grew in my sense of identity and confidence in my capabilities as a leader, I found myself religiously immersing myself in communities were my identities were validated – such as Chicano Park and Hillcrest. From the communities I have found within and beyond the walls of USD, I seek to help make our campus a welcoming environment for students like myself, while also keeping the student body informed in an engaging, captivating, and creative way.



AS Director of Brand Marketing Job Description