Branches of ASG


Table outlining the names, positions, and contact information for members of Associated Student Government.
ASG Leadership Team
President Marion Chavarria Rivera

Vice President Greyson Taylor
Speaker of the Senate Carolina Moreno Armenta
Finance Chair Vacant  
Public Relations Chair Danny Rodriguez

Chief of Staff Leslie Martinez
Controller Drake Willard

Torero Program Board
Torero Program Board Chair Elisse Etcheverry

Vice Chair Gabrielle Azcarate
Vice Chair Giselle Rohane

Vice Chair Giselle Balanza

Coordinator Elise Furgurson

Coordinator Isabella Reichert

Coordinator Emma Fagundo

Coordinator Ashley Butler
Coordinator Reem Dabbous
Coordinator Catherine McCarthy
Coordinator Juhi Mehta

Coordinator Emily Norris

Coordinator Carter Wilkerson
Controller Juliana Russo


School of Business

Rhonda Papp

  Andrew Duhovic

  Antonio Cardenas

  Holly Carbine

 College of Arts and Sciences Maya De La Torre

  Valerie Jaimes

  Yashve Kalati

  Maya Ramirez

  Bryanna Rivas

  Vida Vousoghian


  Justice Zoto

  Eliza Giroux

  Eniya Pendleton

School of Engineering  Justin Daus

  Sophia Austin



Residential Areas Alcala Vistas - Mary-Logan Miske
  Alcala Vistas - Chidiebele Okaru
  Camino/Founders - Vacant


  Maher - Vacant  
  Manchester - Analleli Villegas Barrera
  Valley A - Vacant  
  Valley B - Vacant  
  SAPs/San Buen - Fanisee Bias
  UTAs - Margaret Swindells

Commuter Senators Nadia Al-Faraje

  Krystal Alvarez

  Simon Mizrahi

  Jesse Magaña

  Michayla Mabourakh

  Alexa Zaino

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