Branches of AS


Table outlining the names, positions, and contact information for members of Associated Students.
AS Leadership Team
President Natasha Salgado

Vice President Chris Hermes
Speaker of the Senate Alexander Plummer
Finance Chair Stephanie Silvar
Communications Chair Jordan Rodriguez

Athletics Chair Vacant


Chief of Staff Elena Gonzalez
Controller Patrick Powers

Director of Brand Marketing Bryan Cardenas
Director of Media Marketing Blanca Hernandez

Director of Recruitment Vacant


Director of Changemaking Initiatives Reijer Den Dulk

Torero Program Board
Torero Program Board Chair Pitrina Gilger

Vice Chair Madeline Dougherty
Vice Chair Elisse Etcheverry

Vice Chair Sarah Petrovich

Coordinator Gaby Azcarate

Coordinator Giselle Balanza

Coordinate Giselle Rohane

Coordinator Michaela Ellis
Coordinator Chinazom (Ada) Enenwali
Coordinator Danielle Flores
Coordinator Calista Gilger

Coordinator Rameen Javadian

Coordinator Lupe Velez Manriquez

Controller Juliana Russo


School of Business

Marise Mbuy

  Jocelyn Mccoy

  Patrick Murphy

 College of Arts and Sciences Maya De La Torre

  Rameen Javadian

  Alicia Kelley

  Wendy Martinez

  Allison McCall

  Carolina Moreno Armenta

  Shanti Stender

  Tatiana Zamora

School of Engineering  


Residential Areas Alcala Vistas - Rowan Parmenter
  Alcala Vistas - Charlie Young
  Camino/Founders - Anna Ancona

  Maher - Kylie Rios
  Manchester - Marion Chavarria Rivera
  Missions A - Camden Engstrom
  Missions B - Isabella Orendain
  SAPs/San Buen - Deja Butler
  UTAs - Jesse Magana

Commuter Senators Rory Abraham

  Dean Lockwood

  Logan Raab

  Daniel Speciale

  Jose Turrubiartez

  Alexa Withrow

Don’t hesitate to come to the SLIC or email us to pose a student issue, ask a question, provide feedback, or give your opinion on what you would like to see us do on campus!