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Mission Statement

The Associated Students Leadership Team serves the University of San Diego undergraduates as official representatives, who promote opportunities for growth and expression, address student issues, and enrich a diverse, inclusive, and engaged community.

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Associated Students and Torero Program Board Overview

All undergraduate students belong to the Associated Students of the University of San Diego, a self-governing group that acts under the authority given by its approved Associated Students Constitution. Officers and members of Associated Students Governance branch and the Torero Program Board are either elected or appointed by the undergraduate students. Under their leadership, the students plan and manage student issues, events, and funds. Through participation on committees, students help shape important University decisions. 

Associated Students Branches

The Associated Students has two main branches: governance and programming. 

The Associated Students Governance branch, more commonly known as AS, serves as the student government. The AS Leadership Team is comprised of the Executive Board, directors, and chairs. The AS Team works on solving student issues, financially supports several campus services, facilitates communication between student organizations, and serves as the official student voice to the administration. As stated in the AS Constitution, the Student Senate, which includes the academic, residential and commuter senators, are not members of the AS Leadership Team, but are crucial to the success of the AS Governance branch.

The Torero Program Board (TPB) is the programming branch. The group plans and coordinates programs for the USD community in order to meet the social, educational, recreational, and cultural needs of the undergraduate student body.