Our Projects

At night, shows a pyramid on fire.

About Time

About Time (2019) was a 30 foot long, 3,000 pound wooden sundial that went up in flames at Burning Man 2019. The piece reflected on the role time plays in our lives. We organize our lives around time—are enslaved to time—and yet we know so little about it. This installation projected time using two sundials: a horizontal dial which swept time out across the desert floor and an equatorial dial located on one face of the pyramidal structure. A platform at the peak of the pyramid allowed visitors to become the sundial’s apex and to experience 360° views of the landscape. At the end of the installation the piece was burned, underscoring the fleeting nature of the present moment. Check out more photos of About Time, watch a video walk around, or see it burn. 

Unfolding Humanity

Unfolding Humanity (by San Diego Geometry Lab in 2018) predates Art Builds and is directly responsible for the creation of the collective. The interactive sculpture, a steel dodecahedron covered in over 17,000 LEDs, highlights the tension between technology and humanity. This sculpture was conceived, designed, and built by a large group (80+) of faculty, students, and community volunteers. The pentagonal walls of the sculpture unfold under human power and allude to Albrecht Dürer's 500-year-old unsolved math problem on unfolding polyhedra. Featured at Burning Man 2018 and San Diego MakerFaire 2019, it is currently in the process of being refurbished for its next installation. Visit the San Diego Geometry Lab to learn more.
unfolding humanity sculpture at sunrise