a selfie of gordon, nate, and austin
Art Builds was founded in 2019 by faculty from very different parts of the University of San Diego: engineering, theater, math, and peace studies. They wanted a way to institutionalize and promote the type of interdisciplinary artistic collaboration that emerged from the 2018 sculpture project Unfolding Humanity. That project revealed there was incredible interest from both campus and the community to work together on participatory art. Unfolding Humanity brought together a team of over 80 faculty, students, and community members that included mathematicians, engineers, artists, and theologians (for more see San Diego Geometry Lab). The sculpture represents exactly the type interdisciplinary work that Art Builds seeks to foster: it was inspired by both a 500 year old unsolved math problem about polyhedra and cutting edge research about the shape of our universe and contemplations about the relationship between humanity and technology. Reflecting on this project, the team realized that art has the potential to build bridges between our academic silos. Thus Art Builds was born.