ArtBuilds is a collective committed to creative efforts that engages communities in exploring humanity’s enduring puzzles. We’re an eclectic gang with backgrounds in film, chemistry, photography, engineering, sociology, theater, mathematics, philosophy, and science and technology studies. To support our work, check our most recent ChangeFunder campaign. To connect with us, email Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick at

Art showing people around pyramid, in desert. New: About Time

About Time is a large-scale art installation meant to challenge the role time plays in our lives. We organize our lives around time, making it is the closest the contemporary world comes to a god. A false idol. As a result, this installation plays with perception by introducing three distinct ways of organizing time: around idols, around ourselves, around others. How we spend our time is up to us.

While we worship time, we know little about it. Physicists and philosophers continue to grapple with deep puzzles within the philosophy of time. Can humans control time or our perception of time? Or perhaps time itself is fixed, independent of our actions or perceptions? This installation invites us into time through a portal--a physical hole in the sundial structure itself. Inside time we find shafts of light which we can manipulate using disks of pictographs and words. We use light [and space] inside time to create meaning. This is both metaphor and a fair hypothesis for the way the world actually works. Support this project through our ChangeFunder campaign.

Art, of people looking at art. Collab: Unfolding Humanity

Several members of Art Builds are also members of the San Diego Geometry Lab. Their 2018 project, Unfolding Humanity, explores the tension between technology and humanity. The heart of this project was to design, build, and showcase a massive interactive unfolding metal sculpture, standing 10’ tall and unfolding to 40’ wide, covered with twelve hinged and LED-illuminated pentagonal acrylic faces. Hinges connect some of the faces to give participants the ability to interactively unfold it flat, using a series of chain hoists, cables and winches. It is engineered to handle any real-world interaction or environment. The exterior faces are dark green acrylic etched with characters illuminated by programmed and trailing LEDs invoking the iconic Matrix animation, whereas interior faces of reflective acrylic mirrors create a kaleidoscopic image of people. Find out more at the project's dedicated website.