National Surveys Sent to USD Undergraduates

NSSE & CECE Surveys

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Beginning March 8, USD undergraduate students will receive an email inviting students to participate in one of two large national surveys. First year students and seniors will be sent the National Survey of Student Engagement, or the NSSE, which looks at students’ participation in the programs and activities that USD provides for their learning and personal development. The data collected from this survey helps to identify aspects of the undergraduate experience that can be improved through changes in policies and practices. At the same time the NSSE is being administered, second and third year undergraduate students will be invited to participate in the Culturally Engaging Campus Environments Survey, or the CECE. This survey focuses on measuring the most critical elements of an optimally inclusive campus environment. It helps to provide a common vision for the campus in advancing its diversity and inclusion efforts and the data collected can be integrated into a wide range of policies, programs, curricula, spaces, practices, and activities throughout the entire campus.

We are urging all undergraduate students to participate in these important surveys so that their voice can be represented in important decisions being made across campus over the next several years. These surveys are only administered once every three years at USD. Students will receive the initial email invitation to take the survey on March 8 and then will receive a few reminder emails after that until the survey closes on May 15, 2021. Students, please take the survey so that you can make your voice heard! For any questions, please contact USD’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Initiatives at