Thoughtful Thursdays: A Weekly Guided Meditation for the USD Community

Every Thursday at 4:00 p.m., we invite our USD community to pause and reflect on the past week, noticing challenges faced and gifts received, by praying together a guided Examen prayer. 
Based in the Christian tradition, the Examen is a form of prayer that invites us to gratefully review the events of our week, learn from our emotions, and recognize how we are being invited to move forward in more peace and freedom.  It is accessible for people of any, or no faith tradition as a way of growing in awareness of how we are best living in concert with our values and where we inevitably fall short. Grow in gratitude, nourish yourself and be better prepared for whatever lies ahead.
Each week will be led by different members of our community via livestream, and available as a recording shortly afterwards.
More information on practicing the examen can be found at these links:
For more information contact:
Erin Bishop
Director of Mission,
Kenny Van Tilburg
University Ministry,


Erin Bishop
619 260-4656