USD Daily Health Screening Survey

In order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the University of San Diego requires each person affiliated with the campus to inform us if you plan to be on campus or not every day. If you plan to be on campus, you will then complete a brief daily health screening survey.

If you are not receiving the daily screening email, please contact the COVID Support Team at and request to be added to the list. Please include your name, email address and 9-digit ID number from your Torero ID Card. Until you begin to receive the daily screening email, you may do the symptom screen in person at the campus temperature screening location.

If you are planning to come to campus and you have an "Approved" status, you will be sent an email after completing the survey.  Please show the “Approved” status email to the staff at the temperature screening station when you arrive on campus and before entering any USD building.

Thank you for continuing to support the health and safety of the community.