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Matt Delzell '03 (BBA)

Matt Delzell graduated from the University of San Diego in 2003 with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Matt currently lives and works in Dallas where he specializes in sports and entertainment marketing.


1: What have you been up to since graduation?
I began my career in sports and entertainment marketing in September 2003 at a Dallas-based agency called The Marketing Arm (where I still work).  My real passion though has come in the form of a cause campaign that a couple friends and I started in the summer of 2009.  It’s called Millions from One ( ), the idea that doing something good for millions of people usually starts and can start from the actions of just one person.

Millions from One is a global clean water campaign, aimed at providing clean water in the poorest and neediest areas of the world (Africa, India, Latin America, etc.).  But I’ve also heard a lot of people (myself included) ask why we (Americans) always seem to be doing good things for people in other countries when there are plenty of people suffering in our own backyard.  We wanted to address this head on which is why we developed Millions from One America (in conjunction with Millions from One).  For every 1,000 bracelets we sell, we have committed to donating $1,000 in clothing to a U.S. military family in need.

2: What is your fondest memory of USD?
My fondest memory of USD came at an odd time.  I was a Junior at USD on September 11, 2001 and I’m sure just like everyone else, I remember exactly where I was when I saw/heard the news.  The way USD came together following 9/11 was pretty touching.  From candlelight vigils to students selling “United We Stand” t-shirts to raise money for the victims and their families, it was really powerful to watch and be a small part of.  Certainly the events that took place on 9/11 were tragic in every sense of the word, but the way the USD campus came together to help and honor the victims was touching and something I’ll remember in detail for a long time.

3. What is your favorite place on campus, why?
Oddly enough, my favorite place on campus was also my least favorite place, the Jenny Craig Pavilion.  As a member of the Men’s Basketball Team, we spent a whole lot of time there.  There were some good days at the JCP and there were some bad days at the JCP.  But at the end of the day, the memories that took place in that place and the relationships that were forged in that gym still remain.  Some of my closest friends to this day are my former teammates and some of our most vivid memories (bad and good) took place at the JCP.  

4. Who was your favorite USD professor or class?
My favorite USD courses were in the Business School, specifically focused on marketing and sports marketing.  They were my favorite classes while I was in college and because my career is in sports and entertainment marketing, the knowledge I gained in those courses has been more than helpful.

5: How have you remained involved with USD since graduation?
I always try to get to one basketball game a year if possible and I’ve spoken to some high school kids in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and encouraged them to attend USD.  I certainly hope to be more involved moving forward.

6: If you could offer a current USD student advice, what would it be?

Take advantage of the unique opportunities USD has to offer.  With a relatively small student body and a wonderful faculty (not a lot of universities can claim those), there’s always an opportunity to get to know your professors on a personal level.  I’d also say take full advantage of the surroundings in San Diego.  Being from Dallas and now living back in Dallas, I wish I would have taken more time to enjoy the beaches, climate, outdoors, etc.  Probably goes without saying (but I’m saying it anyways I guess) that Dallas has never been known for its beaches or wonderful climate.

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