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Chad Fleischer '09

Chad Fleischer graduated from USD's College of Arts & Sciences in 2009 with a BA in Biology. Chad is now currently involved with the Young Alumni Network which he describes below.

What have you been up to since graduation?
Since graduating with a BA in Biology, I have continued my career in the biotech industry. After working two internships and temping part-time as an undergraduate at USD, I started temping full-time in R&D for Gen-Probe, Inc. immediately after graduating. In addition to the research I did as an undergraduate for Gen-Probe which was published, I have also assisted in another research project that was published shortly after I graduated. Since then, I have moved into a full-time position at Roka Bioscience, a local biotech startup in San Diego. I continue to advance my career at Roka working in the lab for Research and Development.

What is your fondest memory of USD?
My fondest memory of USD would have to be orientation week. The initial meeting of my fellow USD classmates and time spent at events, in classes, and studying has developed into lifelong friendships with the people I met on my first day at USD.

What is your favorite place on campus, why?
My favorite place on campus is easily Aromas Café. I spent many hours in there studying, or being distracted by friends passing through for coffee. Additionally, Aromas offered live music and open mic nights, which added to my appreciation due to my love of music.

Who was your favorite USD professor or class?
My favorite professor at USD is Dr. Carlton Floyd. After taking his class freshman year, I pursued any opportunity to take another one of his courses. Luckily, I had him again as a professor later in my undergraduate courses, and we developed a friendship which remains to this day. Dr. Floyd may teach English classes, but he challenges students not only in their writing, but also in the development of their thoughts and critical analysis of the world around us. I still often go and visit Dr. Floyd on campus in his new position as Associate Provost and Co-Director of the Center for Inclusion and Diversity at USD.

How have you remained involved with USD since graduation?
I am still actively involved with USD since graduation. I keep in touch with professors, staff, alumni, and undergraduates at USD. I volunteer my time for several organizations at USD. I have remained an active alumni and participating in alumni events such as “Take a Torero to Lunch”, speaking to undergraduate biology classes, and participating in working groups which have lead to the launch of the new Young Alumni Network (YAN). I am grateful to work with the Young Alumni and Alumni Association, and to have been selected to be part of the YAN Executive Committee for their inaugural year. I also volunteer for my fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon as Vice President of Communications for the Alumni Volunteer Corporation, coordinating alumni relations within the chapter and advising the undergraduate members.

If you could offer a current USD student advice, what would it be?
My advice for a current USD student is to get involved with any organization on campus that peaks your interest. Getting involved early with an organization will not only allow you to develop friends and a network which will be invaluable after graduation, but it will also serve to de-stress from class work and undergraduate life. In addition, campus organizations allow and foster professional growth through leadership positions, teaching skill sets early on that can be used in career growth after graduation.

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