Uniform Policy

The Alcalá Club blazer is a gift from the University of San Diego for your service. There are certain things to remember while wearing the blazer:

  • We are representatives of the university; therefore you should wear the blazer with pride.
    • No eating, drinking or gum chewing while in your blazer.
      Exception: when invited to eat at an event.
    • At all times you should conduct yourself properly. (Use proper language and be courteous.)
    • You must remain in uniform until the event is completely finished. (Please do not take off your blazer or tie while walking away from the event.)
    • Know what the patch sewn on the left breast pocket signifies.
  • Neatness.
    • A khaki skirt (knee length) for the women and khaki slacks for the men, and a white button-up shirt are to be worn with your tie.
    • Men must wear brown dress shoes.
    • Women may wear brown shoes.
    • Your nameplate placed on the right side of the blazer.
  • Dry clean only.

The Alcalá Club polo shirt is also a gift from the university for your service; it is for more casual events. There are certain things to remember while wearing the polo:

  • The first bullet above (including sub-bullets) still applies when wearing your polo shirt.
  • Neatness also applies.
    • A khaki skirt or slacks for the women and khaki slacks for the men.
    • Women may wear brown open-toe shoes; however, not sandals, they still need to be dress shoes.
    • Men must wear brown dress shoes.
    • Your nameplate place on the left side of the polo shirt.
  • Wash only in cold water and/or hang to dry so that it does not shrink.

In return for the blazer and polo shirt, you are committed to service to the club until you graduate. If for any reason you should resign from the club or you are asked to leave prior to the time you graduate, the blazer, tie and nameplate must be returned to the club advisor(s) and paid for according to the Alcalá Club Constitution and the contractual agreement you signed on your application.