Events Policy

Event Coordinators

Event Coordinators are self-appointed on event sign-up sheets. It is the Event Coordinator's responsibility to take note of which members actually work the event and provide that information to the VP of Administration. They are also the point-of-contact person which means that they will be contacted by the event requestor if there has been a change in place or time and the Event Coordinator will then need to relay that information to the other members working the event. Once at the event, the Event Coordinator needs to find out from the event requestor where and what the members are to be doing at the event. If a member originally signed up to work the event drops, they need to arrange for their own replacement by contacting the Event Coordinator to get the names of the members signed up on the Back-Up list.


If an event is full, members who are still available to work the event can sign up as a Back-Up. In case a member who is originally signed up to work the event drops, the Back-Up members will be contacted by them to fill in.


Refer to the Attendance Policy to confirm how many events are required and what to do if you are concerned about fulfilling the quota.

If not enough events are offered during a semester, the Executive Board can make the decision to pardon members who could not fulfill the quota as a result.

Events that are canceled will still count as one event for those members who were originally signed up for it.

Events that occur over a winter or summer break can count as one event towards either fall or spring, it is up to the member.

Members who serve on the Selection Committee will earn one event (except the President and VP of Selection).

Freshmen members are encouraged, but not required, to work events.