Alcalá Club

The Alcalá Club is a service organization of men and women who work with the president of the University of San Diego as official representatives of the university.

About the Club

We serve as official representatives of the University of San Diego, working with the president. We have the privilege of serving the USD community by acting as the liaisons between USD and guests who visit the campus. As the student representatives of the university, members of the Alcalá Club work at various university-sponsored activities and functions.

For example, we help with fundraising events, Masses, scholarship luncheons, graduation ceremonies, or faculty parties. At these events, we greet and register guests, answer questions about USD, and represent the university community to various guests, including VIPs and notable alumni.

Each Spring, eight members from the first-year class who have a GPA of 3.0 or above are selected to serve throughout their college term. A Selection Committee comprised of five members meets and interviews applicants, placing consideration on availability to the club, desire and willingness to serve the University of San Diego, leadership ability, reliability and professionalism.