Wednesday of the Third Week


IS 25: 6-10A

MT 15: 29-37


My seven year old daughter has recently started the mantra of “I’m bored.” As a parent, so many things pass through my head when I hear this mildly irritating phrase ring over and over. I remember some of the responses I heard from adults, like “only boring people are bored.” This statement of boredom is such a reflection of our modern culture (for several decades now). We are expecting to be constantly entertained. We expect our phone to have the latest and greatest information, or to have a messages on social media. Really the barrage of information is constantly at our fingertips. Yet, there is an overwhelming dissatisfaction among the young (especially). Depression, anxiety, and suicide are on a steep incline. Is it possible that modern technology does not satisfy our deepest desires? I would dare to say that we have lost two major things that are leading to greater depression and suicide in our country. Gratitude and an appreciation for entering into silence. In the Gospel for today, after Elizabeth has conceived a child, she goes into seclusion out of gratitude.

“After this time his wife Elizabeth conceived, and she went into seclusion for five months, saying,
‘So has the Lord done for me at a time when he has seen fit to take away my disgrace before others.’” (Luke 1:25)

Entering into silence for 5 minutes is difficult for individuals in our culture, imagine 5 months.
Elizabeth is grateful in the depths of her soul and she expresses that gratitude by taking a retreat from the daily busyness to thank God and truly prepare for motherhood.

Have you taken time to consider your blessings? Can you take time out of the busyness to go into seclusion to prepare for the birth of Christ in just 6 days: take 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 1 hour. Make it a priority and see if you start to feel that satisfaction of your deepest desires. This is can be the start to a regular time of silence. 

Tim Clark, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Chemistry and Biochemistry