Saturday of the Third Week


1SM 1: 24-28

LK 1: 46-56


I believe the Gospel according to Luke 1:46 – 56 speaks to devout faith and the relationship God’s creation has with the Holy Almighty and with one another.  The message breathes life into how we make meaning of all the interactions God wants for us as we live in community. 

Mary shares her faith in the Lord and professes God as her savior.  She expands on her great confidence in that God intends to lift-up humanity within the strength of his arms, He wants to grace humanity with unconditional mercy for the generations of the faithful, that He lifts the lowly, and He scatters the proud in their conceit.  The Gospel shares hope during the Advent season in the coming of our savior in human form.  Mary states her faith by naming all the gifts God provides her and without mentioning the incredible adversity she endures for all of humankind in baring God’s begotten son.  Her faith is almost beyond that of the devout and almost unbelievable as we consider the political and inhumane challenges she and Joseph endured during this time.

Luke 1:46 – 56 concludes by briefly stating how Mary remained with Elizabeth for three-months before Mary returned home.  I believe the simple statement here echoes all the overtly generous gifts God provides as named in this Gospel.  Mary and Elizabeth were cousins – but their relationship reflects all the gifts God intends in our families, our friendship, and the responsibility we all endure as members of God’s holy family.  Mary and Elizabeth’s friendship is known as one without jealously and how Elizabeth provides Mary dutiful service during such an incredibly challenging time.  The friendship demonstrates how one silently supports the other, in the background, without seeking recognition, and where love is pervasive.

God intended us to live in community and take responsibility for one another – to the lowly and gentle among us.  These are the gifts and responsibilities God intends, the reason Mary withstood significant hardship in order to answer’s God’s call to birth the savior of the world, and calls us to appreciate one another in our daily lives.  The relationships and communities we form on our USD campus, in our families, with our friends, and the kindness we share with strangers all reflect how we are intended to live our faith.  I understand this Gospel as a challenge and reminder in how I can best serve our students, our colleagues, my family, and my trusted friends.  The energy and effort we extend to one another actualizes God’s intention to love one another as He loves us and as Mary role modeled her true faith in God’s plan here in this Gospel.  We are called to use the God’s unstinting gifts as a reflection of His likeness within us as we care for God’s Holy creation as a community.

Luke Leo LaCroix, EdD
Director of Residential Administration
Residential Life