Monday of the Third Week


NM 24:2-7, 15-17A

MT 21:23-27


In reflecting on today’s scripture readings, there was a theme of questioning God’s authority. It had me thinking about why I believe in God. Why do I turn to God for guidance in my life?

It was easy for me to place the blame on God when the seemingly never-ending pandemic robbed myself and other students of a normal college experience back in March. Sports were cancelled, and as an athlete myself, I was frustrated and saddened. It hurt to see families experiencing so much hurt and death. I kept asking the question of why. Why is this happening and why is God letting this happen?

I found my relationship with God at a standstill throughout the summer while I, right alongside many others, dealt with this confusion. Starting in August, I became the student leader of the Torero Athletic Fellowship, where I would gather with other athletes of the USD community weekly over Zoom and foster an encouraging and welcoming environment. Through this, I found an honest community of athletes with similar experiences to mine where we were able to hold meaningful conversations. I was able to rebuild this relationship of trust with God through reflection and prayer, something I had not been doing since the pandemic began. It was reassuring to have a group of people encouraging each other to keep God at the center of our lives, and most importantly to trust His plan.

One of the many questions discussed in this group was the question of where we have seen God break through. Answers to this question were endless. They spanned from seeing God in nature, in friends, in coaches, in a sunset. This served as a daily reminder to me throughout the semester, and continues to remind me that I see God breaking through in many parts of my life, even if I have to take a step back and search. I find myself lost in the question of why things happen, but I find peace in knowing I place my trust in God’s loving hands. The peace God’s love brings me is why I turn to Him for guidance. 

I invite you to reflect on where you see God breaking through today and remind yourself of why we turn to God for guidance.

Sofia Green, ‘23
Behavioral Neuroscience
Women’s Cross Country Team
Concord, CA