Thursday of the Second Week


IS 41: 13-20

MT 11: 11-15


When I was a sophomore at USD, I was faced with the decision to finally decide my major. There was so much pressure to make the best decision that would impact the following 60+ years of my life that it was overwhelming. How was I supposed to know what job I would want when I was 55? I was reminded through a friend that God, not my major, would provide the things I needed in life, and that it would be foolish to put ALL of my faith in my degree instead of in God.

In the midst of studying for finals, attending club meetings, and sitting in class, it can be hard to know how to engage with God in a real way. It often feels like the God of the Bible could not possibly have anything to say to my current reality of college – a reality that is a good two thousand years after the scriptures were written. And yet, the words of the prophet Isaiah transcend this span of time even into today.

In the readings, there is a picture of God as one who provides the “water” that the afflicted and needy seek. There is also herein described a God that brings forth water out of deserts and dry ground. 

As we go through our daily lives, we can rest assured that two things are true: that God is the one who provides the things we need, and that God desires to provide good things for us. We do need things in our lives (especially as students!), and it is comforting to know that God recognizes this and is, in his very nature, the embodiment of what we need. To the second point, he is a God of abundance, and we can rest assured that his desire is to revive difficult deserts of life into ones of abundance. 

As we study and prepare for the upcoming season, let’s remember that God is the one we need to seek for the provision that we need, even in the midst of a dry desert.

Jordan Haber, ‘15
InterVarsity Campus Staff Minister