Monday of the Second Week


IS 11:1-10

ROM 15:4-9

MT 3:1-12


“… for nothing will be impossible for God.”

These are such important words for our faith journey. God is so powerful that nothing is impossible for Him. When I read this Gospel story, the one word that comes to mind is TRUST. Trust in God through this journey we call life. Mary’s questions of doubt before her final “yes” to God resonate with me as a mom. I have found that fully trusting God is not easy, but it is worth working on no matter where you are in your life. 

When my husband and I were thinking of starting a family, doubt crept in. Would we have enough money to support a baby? What if we cannot conceive? Will we make good parents? My family kept telling me that it will never be the right time and you will never have enough money, but if you trust in God you will have all you need. They were right. When I think about Mary, she was not ready to have Jesus and yet, she trusted fully in God’s plan for her. She tells the angel Gabriel her doubts and confusions and yet it was true, she was pregnant with Jesus, the Son of God. Her unfailing faith and trust in God are an example for all parents.

Being pregnant is unlike any other feeling, it is full of emotions: doubt, joy, fear, excitement, anxiety, anticipation, and so much more. I can imagine how Mary felt knowing that she was blessed with such an important person growing inside of her. Once my two children were born, these feelings didn’t go away. Being a parent intensifies these feelings, but in these day to day moments, I need to remind myself to trust. When my doubt, fear, and anxiety come creeping back again about being a good parent and making sound financial decisions for my family, I need to remember to trust in God and know that passing on our faith is the most important part of my life that I can give to my children.

Advent gives us this opportunity to reflect on our own emotions of anticipation for Jesus’ birth and remember Mary’s trust in God. 

Marisa Amann, ‘11
Vice Principal, School of the Madeline