Wednesday of the First Week


IS 25:6-10A

MT 15:29-37


In both the Hebrew scripture reading and the Gospel for today, we hear the words, God will provide. What does that really mean?

I remember growing up and one of my Mother’s mantras was, “God will provide”. I often thought to myself, what does she mean? How will God provide? 

In today’s Gospel we hear the story of the loaves and the fish. We can hear the disciples’ apprehension when Jesus tells them to feed the masses with seven fish and seven loaves. I wonder what the disciples must have been thinking? Like the disciples, we too find ourselves wondering how

God will provide. Especially when we do not think we have enough.

I have come to realize that God is not a wish granter, God doesn’t really care what my grades were in school, what kind of car I would drive, or how big my house is. God does care that I was living the most authentic life I could. It was when I came to this realization that I came to understand that God does provide but not always the way I want God to provide. 

God provides me courage in the midst of hate and doubt, God provides me strength when I’m feeling I can’t or don’t want to move forward, God provides me moments of grace when I really need to know God is near. 

During this season of Advent, I would encourage all of us to take time to recognize all the times that God has provided. Was it in the silence of your spirit that God let you know you were on the right path? Was it in the thunder and shaking that caused you to choose a different path? God continues to provide for all of us in small and large ways. Maybe not in the multiplication of fish and bread but in real life situations every day. 

I pray that all of us stop this Advent to ponder when God has provided for us. I pray that we also think back to the times when you thought God didn’t provide. Maybe God gave you exactly what you needed but you didn’t recognize it in the moment.

Aaron Bianco, STL
Department of Theology & Religious Studies