Thursday of the First Week


IS 26:1-6

MT 7:21, 24-27



I remember in elementary school we did this activity. We all got a sheet of paper that contained a long list of instructions. My teacher then told us that there was one rule we must follow - to read all the instructions before doing anything else.  I, like most of the class, decided that I was so smart that I would get a head start and work on the assignment as I read the instructions. I read that I had to fold the paper, draw circles on the corners, write my name, color in the sides and so many more silly tasks that did not have meaning. Then, I came to the last instruction and it read “erase everything you’ve already done except your name.” In short, if I had read all the instructions first instead of trying to cheat my way to the finish line, I would have realized the only work I would have to do is write my name.

The gospel says “and everyone who listens to these words of mine but does not act on them will be like a fool who built his house on sand” (Matthew 7:26). Just like how it was foolish of me to not act on my teacher’s instructions, it is foolish to not listen to God when He calls us to do something. He is good. He is so so good and if we fully put our trust in God, and listen to His will for us, we will be steady and our hearts will be filled.  

God knows that living on this earth requires sacrifice and suffering, He knows that there are trials that are hard and seem impossible. No matter if you currently feel like you are in a thunderstorm or a sunny field of flowers, trusting in the Lord gives us freedom and a home “set solidly on a rock”(Matthew 7:25) to be our strength and our stability. 

Over my life I have heard that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, the Son of the Father, the King of Kings. Yet none of those had meaning until I grew to know Him through prayer and scripture. That not only is He all of these things, but He is my rock and stability. His unconditional love for me is what keeps me firm in my faith during any period of my life. Through knowing His love and wanting to share His love to others, I have come to recognize that I am not just meant to be a fan of Jesus but a follower.

During Advent, I’m feeling called to reflect on what is holding me back from fully trusting in God and from fully trusting in His plan for me. While we as a USD community wait Jesus’s birth, I hope we continue to grow together and build a solid foundation on Jesus’s love.

Gabriella Ramirez, ‘21
Behavioral Neuroscience Major
Spanish Minor