Thursday of the First Week


Is 26:1-6

Mt 7:21, 24-27



I cannot read the start of today’s passage without thinking about our own city and the walls we’ve built – legal, psychological, and physical – between nations and peoples. I am reminded of the current crisis at our border where approximately 6,000 people have arrived in Tijuana fleeing from violence in their home countries. And I am struck with grief over how far we are from the just and peacable kingdom we’re called to create. 

What is it, really, that makes a city 'strong'? I ask you this because I worry that we've confused strength with dominance, justifying separation in the name of 'protection' and negating human dignity in the face of difference. I wish that we'd measure the strength of our community by the extent of love present and justice realized. That we'd see one's humanity beyond any construct that then determines who is entitled to safety, whose lives matter, whose voices are heard, and whose needs are met. What deadly constructs those end up being. 

So as I think about advent, a season of waiting, I am struck too by what it is we wait for: love incarnate. How then do we live out the miracle of Christmas in our response to this moment, and in our reception of those whom we’ve been taught to other?

Question to enter silence: What gates of my heart do I need to open?

Stacey Williams, '13 (MA)
Associate Director for Diversity and Inclusion
Student Commons