Saturday of the First Week


IS 30:19-21, 23-26

MT 9:35–10:1, 5A, 6-8


The readings for today in this season of Advent are rich in imagery and clear in message. They speak to me of a God who loves deeply and intentionally, who moves toward each of us with compassion and sensitivity. The imagery used by the prophet Isaiah oozes with the promises of God’s abundant care. As I read Isaiah’s words, I am reminded of the new mothers in my life who care so tenderly and attentively to the cries of their little one. The scriptures today invite me to consider that especially in the days that feel the darkest, God labors out of love for us, like a mother with her child. This reading offers a deep consolation to me, and perhaps to others, especially when I lose sight of God’s faithfulness and abundant love for me and all of creation.

We see this same tender care in the Gospel story, as Jesus, affected by the plight of the people, moves among them with great concern and determination. Jesus saw the suffering of God’s people and came close. He moved among them to offer comfort, healing, and guidance. Our world today has a lot in common with the crowds of the Gospel. This year, for so many people, has been painful and wholly distressing. And in these times, we are reminded that the Spirit continues to move among us. Ours is a God who sees us through every hardship with abundant love.

The psalmist proclaims, “Blessed are all who wait for the Lord.” This Advent, we wait because we know that there is something to wait for. We don’t just wait around, twiddling our thumbs. We wait with openness, anticipation, and hope that moves us into action. Jesus’ message to his disciples, and to us, is clear, “Go, proclaim, cure, raise, cleanse…” Jesus summons us and sends us out to be like God, like mothers, attuned to the cries of the human family who respond to the world’s groaning with God’s love. As we hear in Jesus’ proclamation that the Kingdom of God is at hand, may we hear that God’s dreams for the world aren’t a distant fantasy. A world of renewal and transformation is being ushered in through us, by God’s grace. Today may we know God’s abundant care deep within our bones that propels us to labor out of love to bring healing to this world.

Megan Kush, ‘10
Campus Minister
Seattle University