Friday of the First Week


IS 29:17-24

MT 9:27-31


At the beginning of this Advent we might do well to ask how the effects of Covid fatigue; of this years election drama; and of our own personal and family disappointments have left us? Do the words of Advent hope ring hollow?  Have we perhaps become immune or maybe even cynical to hearing or seeing anyone or anything that might attempt to proclaim that new and better days are ahead? Does this year’s season of Advent have a chance of planting seeds of a new birth of joy and love…or do we detect that climate change has affected even our liturgical season?

There is always a stubbornness about a prophet who will not allow the strong rhythm of negativity and darkness to drown out the maybe faint, maybe tired, maybe unsure beginning chords of “O Come all Ye Faithful!”  The Prophet Isaiah once again comes to rally the hesitant choir to take up a song that proclaims “out of gloom and darkness, the eyes of the blind shall see, the lowly will find joy and the poor will rejoice!”  Are we willing to take up the song that Isaiah intones and become a light in the darkness?  

As we continue our own journeys, as followers of Jesus, let us be a people who inspire others to join us in the cry and song “Son of David, have pity on us!”  May our lives of faith and hope well up in word and action so that a new song and rhythm can grow and spread through all the land and dispel the darkness.

Fr. Gino Correa, OFM
Franciscan Postulant Formation
Holy Name College
1650 Saint Camillus Drive
Silver Spring, Maryland 20903