Friday of the First Week


IS 29: 17-24

MT 9: 27-31


In today’s Gospel Jesus tells the two blind men, “Let it be done for you according to your faith”. Time and time again we hear Jesus say to us something along the lines of “by your faith you have been saved.” Now, in this time of Advent, what are we supposed to make of this message about our faith?

I am now going into my final semester at USD. My time here has been absolutely life-giving, but as I get closer to the end I am approached with the ever-scarier reality of the “real world”. All of us seniors are about to begin the next phase of radical changes in life: new friends, new place, new job etc. but perhaps these changes don’t have to be as scary as we make them seem. The future will always be daunting and luckily for us it will always be in the abstract. All we really have is the present and maybe a loose structure of how we would like the coming days to look. Beyond that, our future belongs to God alone, and that is why Jesus is always praising our faith.

Our wants and desires and in turn our worries and toil will come to fruition “according to our faith”. Jesus recognizes that we have an important role in living our own lives. Faith, to me, is about more than a strict adherence to certain moral principles or a fanatical belief in a certain image of God. No, faith is about our actions everyday, doing the best we can, knowing that there is a God who is more that will take care of the rest. We cannot stress and diminish our experiences today because of the things in the future that may or may not happen. This is not to say that we should just coast through life, because we will no doubt encounter many hardships. Just like the two blind men, there are certain things that we deeply desire for and Jesus calls upon us to act faithfully to make it happen whether that be asking for help, studying an extra hour, or taking a moment just to breathe. There is only so much we can do to prepare for the future and so maybe we can approach it with a certain degree of playfulness. I know what I want today and let’s see where that takes me tomorrow and if tomorrow doesn’t bring what I want then I know that God is bringing me something better. God is constantly opening our eyes to bigger and better things, some that might be right in front of our faces.

Ian Lewenhaupt, ‘19
International Business
Philosophy and German