Loma Hall: Engineering

Hi, my name’s Michael.  I’m from Long Beach, California.  This is Loma Hall, the home of Engineering.  Programs are offered in Electrical Engineering, Industrial & Systems Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering

Engineering students at USD receive a competitive education during their integrated, nine-semester program of study.  There are no Teaching Assistants in Engineering.  All courses, both lecture and laboratory, are taught by engineering faculty.  Almost every engineering class has fewer than 25 students allowing students to build relationships with the faculty as mentors and advisors.

USD is the only school in the U.S. where all engineering students automatically earn both a BS and a BA.  This unique dual degree emphasizes USD’s value in a holistic education combined with its emphasis on hands on design.   This is why our engineering programs have been ranked within the top 25 programs in the country.

In addition to Engineering, Loma Hall is also home to USD’s bookstore and mail center, where campus residents can send and receive mail.  Our bookstore offers school supplies, text books, awesome Torero apparel, and more.