Transfer Student Roadmap

Explore our majors and minors

Check out our undergraduate majors and minors.

Learn about admission requirements

Review admissions requirements for the University of San Diego at least a year before you plan on joining our community.

Take classes that will transfer

Enroll in courses that overlap with our Core Curriculum requirements:

  • Students who attend any California community college should select Core Curriculum courses that correspond to a specific IGETC area.
  • Students who attend community colleges outside of California or who attend 4-year universities are encouraged to reach out to the Office of Undergraduate Admission for guidance.

As a standard practice, please save your course syllabus for each college course that you complete.

Connect with us

  • Bi-monthly Transfer Information Sessions on the first Wednesday and third Friday of every month (except November, December, June, July, August)
  • Social Media
  • College Fairs

Submit your application

Applications can be submitted via the Common Application

Fall Admission Spring Admission

March 1st

Midterm Report should be submitted no earlier than the 3rd week of April

October 1st

Midterm Report should be submitted no earlier than the 3rd week of November

Notes on submitting the Transfer College Report:

  • If attending a 4-year university, please submit this document to the academic dean of the college that houses your major
  • If attending a community college, please submit this document to the admissions and records office

Wait for decision

Fall Admission Spring Admission
Decisions are released between May and July Decisions are released between late November and the first week of January
  • Please make sure to continuously check your application portal to ensure that all required application materials have been received by our office
  • Additional information may be requested of you in order for the Admission
    Committee to make the most informed decision

Confirm your enrollment

  • Confirm your enrollment within 2 weeks of receiving your admission decision
  • Claim your USDOne user account and email address
  • Check your USD email address regularly (all communication will be sent to this email address)

Complete New Transfer Student Checklist

Complete all tasks on the New Transfer Student Checklist.

Please prioritize sending in all updated final official transcripts

  • The evaluation of your transcripts will not be initiated until your official transcripts are on file
  • Transcript evaluations typically take 1-2 weeks to complete after confirming your enrollment. Unfortunately, pre-evaluations are not available.
  • You will not receive a notification about academic advising until your transcripts have been received and evaluated

Students hoping to live on campus should also fill out the housing application during this time

Review your transcript evaluation

Review your transcript evaluation results on your student portal. Students will receive an email when this is ready (DARS/U.achieve)

  • Learning outcomes are a significant point of consideration used by the Core Curriculum Committee when determining whether or not classes taken at other institutions meet core curriculum criteria. As a result, classes that bear a title similar to USD classes but differ in learning outcomes may not satisfy core requirements for graduation (though they may transfer into USD for elective credit).
  • Students wishing to petition their pre-USD courses for core credit can do so by filling out the Petition for Pre-USD Transfer Credit form. Please make sure to include the syllabus for each course. Course descriptions will not be sufficient for this process.

Attend Transfer Orientation

Your Torero experience will be different from what you’ve seen, heard, and done before, so we want to give you the tools to make the most of that experience. All new transfer students are expected to participate in Transfer Fall Orientation. For more information, visit our Transfer Fall Orientation page.