Transferring College Credits

If you are planning to transfer to USD from another college or university, many of your general education credits may be transferable.

After being admitted to USD and submitting your enrollment confirmation form, a transfer credit analysis will determine which of your credits are transferable.

  • General education classes from accredited institutions are generally transferable with a grade of C- or better.
  • Classes from non-accredited institutions or trade schools will not transfer to USD.
All transferable coursework will count toward unit credits only and will not be calculated into your USD GPA.

Selecting Coursework at your Current Institution

When registering for classes at your current institution, we strongly recommend that you reference our Transfer Information Form, making sure to pay special attention to the Core Curriculum requirements outlined on the second page. 

  • If you have attended or are currently attending a community college within California, please reference both your institution's IGETC pattern and this table to ensure that your courses will transfer to USD. 
  • If you have attended or are currently attending a four-year college or university in California or an institution outside of California, you may contact our Senior Transfer Admission Counselor, Andrew Alsoraimi-Espiritu, for advice on the potential transferability of these classes.

Transfer Credit Process for Admitted Students

Prior to the start of your first term, students who are transferring should send any official transcripts to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. These transcripts will then be sent to the Transfer Analyst in the Registrar’s Office to evaluate coursework.

The Petition for Pre-USD Transfer Course Credit Form is used to request an additional evaluation of a course you completed at another university before you began taking courses at USD that you are currently receiving elective credit for to see if it may fulfill a core curriculum, major or minor requirement. Refer to the Companion Guide for more information about how to decide which courses to submit a petition for, as well as instructions for completing the form in consultation with your academic advisor.

Please note: Recent revisions to USD's Core Curriculum have impacted the way in which general education classes transfer into USD. Learning outcomes are a significant point of consideration used by the Core Curriculum Committee when determining whether or not classes taken at other institutions meet core curriculum criteria. As a result, classes that bear a title similar to USD classes but differ in learning outcomes may not satisfy core requirements for graduation (though they may transfer into USD for elective credit). This may impact the length of time you will need to study at USD in order to satisfy the Core Curriculum as well as the requirements for your degree(s). 

For advice on class choices, please contact our Senior Transfer Admission Counselor, Andrew Alsoraimi-Espiritu.

Important Information for First-Year Applicants

Students who have been given the opportunity by their secondary schools to take college courses prior to high school graduation will be awarded college credit if such courses were taken after their sophomore year and successfully completed.