Test Blind Information

In conjunction with our commitment to a holistic review of each applicant, as well as the goals and pathways set forth by USD's Envision 2024 strategic plan, USD will be adopting a test-blind admission policy, effective immediately. As a “test blind” campus, we pledge not to view an incoming student’s standardized tests during the admissions process.

In reviewing the more than 13,000 applications for the first-year class, we have always looked to admit students who are Changemakers and want to make a difference in the world. We recognize there are many personal qualities that are not measured by standardized test scores. During the application process, applicants will have plenty of opportunities to demonstrate not only academic successes but also success in the areas of leadership, community engagement, commitment to social justice, appreciation of diverse viewpoints and gaining a global perspective. 

While at the end of May we adopted an optional-testing admissions process based on USD’s goals to create a diverse and inclusive community of students, our choice to become a “test blind” campus furthers our commitment to increasing academic access and social equity, as well as providing an admissions process that is fair and equitable for all students.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why is USD moving to a test-blind admission policy?
  • If you're not considering test scores, how can I show I'm a qualified applicant?
  • I've already taken a standardized test; should I submit it?
  • Is this just a trial period?
  • Do I need to submit something in addition to my application?
  • Will I need to submit test scores for scholarship consideration?
  • Does this apply to international students?