Obtaining Your Form I-20

In order to attend the University of San Diego under an F-1 student visa, you must first obtain the visa eligibility document known as the Form I-20.

After you have been accepted to your program, you'll need to follow the steps below to begin the process of obtaining your Form I-20. The Office of Graduate Admissions will communicate with you throughout this process to provide you with instructions, and to keep you informed about required documentation and timelines.

Follow these steps to obtain your Form I-20:

1. Accept your offer of admission.

Once you've been admitted to your program, you'll need to accept your offer of admission and pay your enrollment deposit. This is done through the Admissions tab of your MySanDiego portal. Log into the MySanDiego portal using the login credentials you received from in the email from the Office of Graduate Admissions titled "Track Your USD Application".

2. Complete your admissions file.

The University will not issue your Form I-20 unless your admissions file is considered complete. Check your acceptance letter to see if you are required to submit any additional materials (for example, official transcripts).

3. Submit the required immigration and financial documentation in iTorero.

After you've paid your enrollment deposit, you will receive an email giving you access to iTorero. iTorero is the system used by the University to collect your immigration and financial documentation. Read farther down for more specific information on what requirements you will submit in iTorero.

4. Receive your Form I-20. 

Once the Office of Graduate Admissions confirms that you have successfully submitted all your iTorero requirements, please allow 3-5 business days for us to process your Form I-20. Our office will contact you via email to let you know when your Form I-20 is complete.

Are you starting your program in Spring 2020?

If you are planning to start your program in Spring 2020, please review these important dates:

To start the I-20 process:
The University of San Diego collects the documentation required for your Form I-20 through a system called iTorero. iTorero will open for Spring 2020 students in early October. Please watch your email for information and access to iTorero.
Deadline to obtain the Form I-20:
All iTorero requirements must be completed by Sunday, November 24thIf your iTorero requirements are not complete by the due date, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to issue you an I-20 for the Spring 2020 semester.
Click the icon above to log in to iTorero.

Submitting iTorero Requirements

In order to receive your Form I-20, you must submit your immigration and financial documentation in iTorero. You will follow the directions in iTorero to submit the e-forms under the Deposited Student/SEVIS Document tab. These e-forms will ask you for the following:

  • Passport Information - You will upload a color scan of your passport and confirm your citizenship information.
  • Verification of Immigration Status - You will provide information on your current immigration status, as well as details on any dependents you may be bringing with you while you attend your program.
  • Confirm Mailing Address - You will let us know whether we should mail your I-20 or if you plan to pick it up instead. Please note: By law, we can only mail the Form I-20 to addresses outside the United States. If you are residing in the U.S., you will be required to pick up your I-20 from our office.
  • SEVIS Transfer In Request - If you have an active I-20 from another institution, you will need to fill out this form so that we can transfer your I-20 to the University of San Diego once your other program of study has finished.
  • Proof of Funding - You will provide financial documentation to prove that you have the funding available to cover the first year of estimated expenses for your program. View the estimated cost of attendance for your program.
  • Orientation Information - You will review the orientation information for your first semester and acknowledge you are aware of it by electronic signature.