Application Checklist

Effective March 18, 2020 the Office of Graduate Admissions will be working remotely as a preventive measure to reduce risk related to the COVID-19 virus. Please review our COVID-19 FAQ for additional information. For assistance, please contact us at

  1. Completed Application — Applicants must complete and submit the Graduate Admission application online.
  2. Application Fee — There is an application fee required for all programs. The application fee must be paid in order to submit your online application.
  3. Transcripts for Application — Applicants are only required to submit an official transcript from the university where you earned your undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree. If you are a Doctoral applicant, you are also required to submit an official transcript from the university where you earned your master’s degree. You do not need to submit official transcripts for coursework completed at other schools or universities.

    Some programs may require completion of pre-requisite coursework. It is the applicant's responsibility to check with the program to which you are applying regarding whether pre-requisite coursework is required. Additional official transcripts may be required to show completion of these pre-requisites.

    If you attended a foreign institution, you must request a World Education Services, Inc. (WES) foreign evaluation. Click here to request a course-by-course transcript evaluation.

    Electronic transcripts should be sent directly from your institution(s) to Transcripts sent by mail must remain in the original sealed envelope in order to be considered official. Unofficial transcripts will not be accepted. Please note that your application package will not be considered complete and ready for review until your official transcript(s) from your degree-granting institution(s) is on file with the USD Office of Graduate Admissions. 
  4. Letters of Recommendation — Letters should be from professors familiar with the applicant's scholarly work or from professional supervisors who have had experience in a graduate program and who can provide information regarding the applicant's potential for success as a graduate student. Generally, two to three letters of recommendation are required. Please refer to the department web pages for specific information.
  5. Current Resume — Applicants will submit a resume detailing one’s employment and/or educational experience.
  6. Personal Statement and/or Application Questions — Please check the department website for specific questions or statement requirements for your program.
    College of Arts and Sciences
    School of Business
    School of Leadership and Education Sciences
    Hahn School of Nursing
    Kroc School of Peace Studies
    Shiley-Maros School of Engineering
    Professional and Continuing Education
  7. Standardized Test Scores — Applicants will need to provide scores for tests applicable to the program, such as the GRE or GMAT (not all programs require a standardized test). Please check the department website for standardized testing requirements. Please note that if a test score is required of your program, we require official score reports to be sent directly from the testing institution. We advise you to start this process immediately as scores can take 2-3 weeks to be delivered. 
  8. Send all official transcripts and additional application materials to:
    The University of San Diego encourages applicants to have their supporting application materials (official transcripts, standardized test scores, etc.) sent via secure electronic means so as to expedite processing. Please keep in mind that in order to be considered official, all materials must be sent electronically directly from the institution or organization providing them. Materials emailed from applicants will not be accepted.

    Please send all supporting materials to:

    If the institution or organization cannot support electronic delivery, materials may be mailed to:
    University of San Diego
    Office of Graduate Admissions
    5998 Alcalá Park
    San Diego, CA 92110-2492

International Applicants

International applicants are also required to submit the following:

Transcript and Credential Evaluation

An evaluation of coursework completed at institutions outside of the United States is required. Applicants must have their transcripts evaluated by World Education Services, Inc. (WES). A Course-by-Course Report from WES must be submitted with your application. Once all required documentation has been submitted to WES, an evaluation can take as little as seven days.

English Language Requirements

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is mandatory for all applicants educated outside the United States. The test can be waived if English is your primary language or you have obtained a bachelor degree from the U.S., Great Britain, Canada or Australia. Other exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.