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Message from the Provost

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Dear Prospective Graduate Student:

Welcome to the University of San Diego! We are a youthful university by some measures — founded in 1949 by Mother Rosalie Clifton Hill and Bishop Charles Francis Buddy — but our traditions run very deep.

We are committed to academic excellence, Catholic intellectual and social traditions, and a liberal arts education for scholars of all faiths. Our students share an intellectual thirst and they are guided by an innate respect for human dignity and a desire to lead lives of value and meaning. We want no less for them, and we give them the tools to become ethical and compassionate leaders who will transform the future.

USD is continually evolving. Not only do we grow in size and scope, but in purpose. It is our responsibility to understand the changing nature of the human condition so we can discern what the world needs from its next generation. The world today calls for experts in every discipline who see how nature, nations and individuals are intertwined so they can then address some of our most pressing issues.

At USD, we are working carefully to build that comprehension through concentrated efforts in social justice and sustainability, interdisciplinary collaboration, inclusion and diversity, and global engagement. You’ll find more about these efforts in stories throughout this publication.

The USD community has long worked to improve sustainability, and we are at a watershed. Our buildings are going “green,” we are using our resources more wisely, and curricula, field research and community service are incorporating elements of sustainability. Because sustainability is about economics and individuals too, USD welcomes programs such as a micro-credit summit that promotes small loans for individuals to break the cycle of poverty.

Throughout campus, faculty, students and departments are coming together to share expertise and create new ways of contributing to the world. Interdisciplinary collaboration has led to joint degree programs, shared initiatives and fruitful partnerships. The problems in the world will not be solved by one person, or through one discipline, so students who can collaborate effectively will become the change-makers.

Academic excellence thrives in communities that welcome diverse viewpoints and life experiences, and with the establishment of the new Center for Inclusion and Diversity, USD is making great strides through education and outreach programs.

International programs, too, are giving students a keen appreciation of how cultures and people co-exist. Opportunities for students to build global competence through study abroad, research, internships and more are available in every academic unit and through the International Center.

All of these experiences help USD students break the bonds of convention and habit, and they create a culture reflective of our Catholic identity that promotes a just and peaceful society. As an academic institution, we serve society in how our graduates live their lives, and we strive to develop in them the qualities of great leadership – intellectual thirst, inspired collaboration, ethical conduct, relentless entrepreneurship and compassionate service.

We hope that you, too, will join our community and become one of its great leaders.

Julie H. Sullivan

Executive Vice President and Provost