WSCUC Special Interim Report

Interim Reports focus on specific issues of concern identified as part of the comprehensive review process, annual report submission, the complaint process, substantive change, or other interactions with the Commission. The purpose of Interim Reports is to ensure that institutions continue to meet the Core Commitments and Standards with respect to the identified areas of concern. Interim Reports and supporting documents that have been requested by the Commission or WSCUC staff are peer-reviewed by the Interim Report Committee (IRC). Interim Reports are limited in scope, not comprehensive evaluations of the institution. The report informs the IRC about the progress made by the institution in addressing issues identified by the Commission.

The IRC meets in panels via conference call to review reports. Institutional representatives are invited to participate via conference call to answer questions or provide clarification. USD's conference call has been scheduled for January 4, 2017. After the review, the IRC may:

  • Receive the report with recommendations
  • Receive the report with request for an additional interim report or progress report
  • Receive the report with a recommendation that the Commission send a site visit team to follow up on specified issues
  • Defer action pending receipt of follow-up information