WASC Steering Committee

The Steering Committee for USD's Educational Effectiveness Review, the second stage in our in reaccreditation process, was composed of the team leaders for each theme developed in the Institutional Proposal. The Steering Committee met regularly to initiate and plan specific research activities for those themes for the EER visit, which was held February 29 – March 2, 2012.

Andrew Allen, Chair Associate Provost and WASC Academic Liaison Officer
Professor, Economics
Assessment Team
Carole Huston Associate Dean, College of Arts & Science
Professor, Communication Studies
Paula Krist Director of Assessment Support, School of Leadership & Education Sciences
Margaret Leary Associate Dean of Students
Diversity Team
Cynthia Avery Assistant Vice President, Student Life
Sandra Sgoutas-Emch Director, Center for Educational Excellence
Professor, Psychology
Learning Spaces Team
Cel Johnson Executive Director, Institutional Research and Planning
Mary Sue Lowery Professor, Biology
Noelle Norton Associate Dean, College of Arts & Science
Professor, Political Science & International Relations