Research Questions

The Institutional Proposal describes three themes that serve as the focus for this reaccreditation cycle. Each theme has research questions to guide our investigations. During the course of the Capacity and Preparatory Review, it became apparent that we needed to refocus some of our research questions in preparation for the Educational Effectiveness Review. WASC approved our suggested modifications for Theme 2 and Theme 3 on March 17, 2011.

Theme 1: Defining, Evaluating, and Enhancing Educational Effectiveness.

  • RQ9: How do our investments of resources contribute effectively to the achievement of student learning outcomes?
  • RQ10: How could student and institutional learning outcome data be used more effectively to improve our decision-making and planning processes?
  • RQ11: How could we more effectively ensure input from appropriate stakeholders in institutional decision-making processes to improve student learning?

Theme 2: Advancing Diversity in Campus Structure, Climate, and Curriculum.

  • RQ12: What progress in retention and persistence to degree have we made with our students from diverse backgrounds?
  • RQ13: How can we use institutional definitions of diversity and cultural competence to assess these outcomes?

Theme 3: Creating and Sustaining Innovative Learning Spaces.

  • RQ14: How can we unify planning for learning spaces, learning technology, and pedagogical development to enhance student learning?
  • RQ15: How are our students using informal spaces for their learning, and how might these spaces be improved?