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Sexual Assault Awareness

The Women's Center collaborates with various campus departments, student organizations and local organizations to raise awareness about sexual violence and the profound impact it has on the USD community. We provide education and opportunities to take action throughout the year.

Sexual Assault Awareness Week - April 7-11, 2014

Sexual Assault Awareness Week is a time to support survivors in our community and come together to break the silence surrounding the issue of violence. By uniting together, we will stand up and work to end the violence that happens everyday. Like us and learn more on our Facebook page!

Clothesline Project

Clothesline Project Logo

Displayed throughout the week in various prominent locations, including in front of the Hahn University Center

The concept is simple - let each woman tell her story in her own unique way, using words and/or artwork to decorate her shirt. Once finished, she would then hang her shirt on the clothesline. This very action serves many purposes. It acts as an educational tool for those who come to view the Clothesline; it becomes a healing tool for anyone who make a shirt - by hanging the shirt on the line, survivors, friends and family can literally turn their back on some of that pain of their experience and walk away; finally it allows those who are still suffering in silence to understand that they are not alone. (clotheslineproject.org)

Monday, April 7

Who Are You? Dinner & Discussion
5:00-6:00pm, UC 128

Who are you campaign logo

A dialogue directed through the "Who are You" campaign about bystander intervention as it relates to sexual assault at USD. Discussion will include: What is bystander intervention, what techniques are best for effective bystander intervention, and how can it be used to end sexual assault.

Tuesday, April 8

Take Back the Night: March & Vigil
6:30pm, Plaza Menor (outside of UC/SLP)

Take Back the Night March

Join us in a march and vigil as we Take Back the Night to empower survivors of sexual violence. This annual event strives to both educate the campus community about the impact of sexual violence while also empowering survivors of sexual assault and those that care about them.

Wednesday, April 9

Awareness & Education Forum
7:00-9:00pm; Soloman Hall

Sponsored by Phi Alpha Delta, the forum is intended to raise awareness on how to recognize and respond to sexual assault. Tentative speakers will be from the San Diego Police Department, Center for Community Solutions, USD Student Conduct, and a C.A.R.E. Advocate. During the forum, they will review definitions of sexual assault, how to recognize it, and what steps someone might take if it happens to her/him or a loved one.

Thursday, April 10

PRIDE's Celebration of Gender Expression: Supreme Drag Superstar III
7:00-9:00pm; Shiley Theatre

Transgender & Transsexual? Gender expression & gender identity? Drag queen & drag king? What do these terms mean? At this Changemaker event, we'll explore these questions and how they impact the USD community and our lives. We will celebrate our diversity and the inclusion of *everyone* in our community. Join PRIDE for an evening of music, pageantry, and fabulosity!

Co-sponsored with Changemaker Hub. Co-produced in collaboration with Torero Program Board and Associated Students.

Friday, April 11

Can't Thread a Moving Needle image

Can't Thread a Moving Needle
Fri April 11; 8:00pm, Shiley Theatre
(No Tickets Necessary)

By Barbara Means Fraser, Directed by Meggie Zanger

In an effort to raise awareness and put an end to sexual violence on college campuses and to promote and educate students about healthy relationships, Can't Thread a Moving Needle is a compilation of real stories about college students whose lives have been impacted by sexual assault.

Talk Back, facilitated by Playwright Barbara Means Fraser, following the performance

Annual Events

  • V-Day Rose Sale - As part of the international "V-Day Movement", on Valentine's Day we will hold our annual "V-Day" Rose Sale, raising funds for a local women's shelter. Stop by the front of the UC or in front of La Paloma.
  • Vagina Monologues - Also part of the "V-Day Movement", we will be hosting a trip to UCSD to see a performance of the Vagina Monologues. Learn more about the International "V-Day Movement" and why we offer this important program.

In support of USD's core values, the Women's Center gathers students to discuss and attend a Vagina Monologues performance each year as part of the "V-Day Movement." This event invites students to explore sexuality and the impact sexual violence has on both local and global communities by bearing witness to the experiences of women and girls throughout the world.


USD's core value of Compassionate Service calls us to "embrace the Catholic moral and social tradition by committing to serve with compassion, to foster peace and work for justice. We regard peace as inseparable from justice and advance education, scholarship and service to fashion a more humane world."

We in the Center believe it is through storytelling and experiencing the lived reality of others that we are truly transformed and able to move closer to who we are each called to be as change agents.

For the last 15 years, February has been home to an amazing display of activism called the V-Day movement. The purpose of "V-Day" is to end violence against women and girls worldwide. The V in V-Day stands for Victory, Valentine, and Vagina. This movement seeks to educate people about the global reality of violence against women and girls. Through benefits, films, and live performances (among many other creative ideas) people call attention to issues including rape, battery, incest, female genital mutilation, and sex slavery.

The "V-Day movement" began with a play called The Vagina Monologues, written by Eve Ensler, which combines over 200 interviews Eve conducted with women. The play focuses on women's sexuality and the social stigma surrounding rape and abuse, inviting everyone to start a new conversation about and with women. Eve used this forum to call people to action to end violence and it took off from there.

Each year V-Day "spotlights" a particular group of women in the world. In 2012, V-Day sponsored women in Haiti and highlighted the increased rates of sexual violence since the devastating earthquake that took place in January 2010.

Additional Information

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