Women's Center

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Leadership Council

The Women's Center Student Leadership Council was developed in an effort to give student-centered voice to the implementation of the Women's Center's strategic plan, specifically as it relates to six core strategies (community, education leadership, safety, social justice, and wellness/health/counseling), as well as to provide students with concrete leadership opportunities relating to gender issues at USD.

2012-2013 Leadership Council

Community Representative


Miranda Stratton, mstratton@sandiego.edu

Hi everyone! My name is Miranda Stratton and I'm a junior majoring in Biology. I first got involved in the Women's Center by attending discussion groups my freshman year. My involvement grew after the amazing experience I had on the Empower Retreat as a sophomore. One thing that empowers me is knowledge because without it, we cannot help empower others. In my role as Community Representative I strive to develop opportunities for women to connect authentically with one another through both shared and differing identities.

Education Representative


Shannon Schumacher, shannonshumacher@sandiego.edu

I am a sophomore majoring in International Relations and History. I first got involved with the Women's Center as a freshman when I attended the Empower Women's Leadership Retreat. I loved the women and the experience so much that I wanted to stay involved. As Leadership Representative, I work to create opportunities for students to explore the role of empowerment within leadership and how gender can enhance our roles as leaders within our communities. I look forward to helping build meaningful relationships among the women of USD!

Social Justice Representative


Rebecca Garcia Rangel, rgarcia@sandiego.edu

I am a senior majoring in Ethinc Studies and Political Science with a minor in Latin American Studies. I became involved with the WC through friends that work for the center who invited me to events and eventually pushed me to volunteer and learn more about the work the WC does on campus and in the community. I am empowered by the strength, humbleness, and faith that my family, friends, and people I meet show everyday. In my role as Social Justice Representative, I look forward on bringing more awareness and opportunities for our community on campus not only to learn but to commit in bringing justice and peace for women on our campus, community, and the world. "If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together"-- Lilla Watson, indigenous Australian activist.

Health and Wellness


Marissa Pledger, mpledger@sandiego.edu

Safety Representative


Melanie Sitzer, msitzer@sandiego.edu