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News From the Women's Center - March 2012

Happy Spring from the Women's Center! Although Spring is usually a time of new beginnings, we are going back to our roots and honoring some spectacular women and celebrating the unique perspective and point of view that women bring to the table. Thanks for joining us for our February events and we hope to see you at our upcoming programs! Read on!

V-Day Rose Sale

To fundraise for the V-Day Movement, the Women's Center put on a Rose Sale this Valentine's Day!

roses roses

Thanks for the support and we hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day.

National Eating Disorders Awareness Month

By Shannon Schumacher, Leadership Council

As part of National Eating Disorders Week, the Women's Center partnered with the Center for Health and Wellness Promotion (CHWP) and Associated Students to offer a roundtable discussion entitled "How to Help a Friend" on February 22. Facilitated by Melissa Halter of CHWP, Erin Lovette-Colyer of the WC and myself, we discussed the signs of disrdered eating and offered some tips on how to approach a friend displaying these signs. Many participants shared that they left the discussion equipped with better tools and methods to help those who in need and affirmed the need for more discussion such as these to take place to help raise awareness and build community.

The Women's Center also spread awareness by putting up a display in the SLP, to serve as a daily reminder of the dangers of eating disorders and of the power of positive thinking.

Our display in the SLP was decorated with mirrors so passerby could look and see how beautiful they are, the way they are!


People wrote positive messages on the mirrors to let everyone know that we are beautiful in our own, unique ways.


Thanks for participating in our discussion and for helping us spread the love-of-self!

Women's History Month

Women's History Month is a movement started by women to bring to light the achievements and contributions of women to society and to celebrate them. Once a week-long celebration on a college campus, Women's History Month gained national recognition in 1987 and is now celebrated every year.

This month, we at the Women's Center recognize the efforts of five outstanding women who have accomplished many feats in the field of education:

Consuelo Manriquez, an advocate for arts and culture as an active contributor of numerous Chicano-based projects, including founding Calaca Press, an independent Chicano press publishing company.




Michelle Parada, the co-founder of the All Tribes American Indian Charter School in the Valley Center-Pauma Unifed School District, a school dedicated to keeping Native American students in school and preserving Native American culture by offering Native language classes.
Dr. Rashad Zaydan, the founder of Knowledge for Iraqi Women Society and a community advocate, working to rehabilitate her war-torn home of Baghdad by organizing outreach to heal Iraqi women and children and by working to provide aid to Iraqi people during the two Gulf Wars.




Minh Minh-Tram Nguyen, an advocate of education rooted in community and family engagement. The founder of EnCompass Academy in Oakland, Ca, Nguyen emphasizes the importance of a well-rounded education and culture, as well as empowerment and pride in diversity.
Shirley Nash Weber, the creator of the Africana Studies department at San Diego State University, as well as a major contributor to changes made in the San Diego Unified School Board which benefited students, especially those of lower income. Shirley

Feminist Coming Out Day

by Miranda Stratton, Community Representative, Leadership Council

In the humble beginnings of collaboration and community-building between a queer student group and a feminist group at Harvard University, Feminist Pride Day, or Feminist Coming Out Day was born on March 8, 2010. Feminist Pride Day was established to bring awareness about gender equity to the Harvard community. With the date rapidly approaching, Feminist Pride Day has become a nation-wide movement focused on creating inclusion and awareness of the feminist movement within its advocates. As a newly-claimed advocate of feminism, one of my primary struggles was becoming comfortable with the term “feminist” and what it exactly means. Through my research, I have discovered anyone can be a feminist. Feminists come in an array of races, genders, body shapes, sexual orientations, and ages. Though feminists are diverse physically, we are linked through bell hooks’ common goal: as feminists, we strive to end sexist oppression, along with giving voice to those who have remained unheard.        

Feminist Pride Day is filled with empowerment by giving its advocates the opportunity to inform the world of their feminist identity. By allowing people the opportunity to “come out” as an advocate of feminism, open dialogue emerges from an array of gender-related issues, such as how sexism plays out in the world today, and other important lessons learned from feminism. As an advocate of feminism, I have defined it as my movement to create a diverse and inclusive community filled with strong, authentic connections. For other advocates, feminism is their driving force to bring awareness and activism with respect to social justice issues. No matter what you enjoy most about feminism, Feminist Pride Day is a day for everyone. So on March 8, 2012, come out and tell the world that you epitomize what a feminist looks like.

"Do you know what you are? You are a marvel. You are unique. You have the capacity for anything. Yes, you are a marvel. You must work, we must all work, to make the world worthy of its children" - Pablo Picasso

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"MissRepresentation" is a powerful documentary which challenges the portrayal of women in the mainstream media.


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