Empower Leadership Retreat

The Empower Leadership Retreat presents female first year, sophomore and junior student leaders with an opportunity to grow through a deeper understanding of self, their personal story, and how that story impacts the community around them. This unique retreat strives to foster an environment where participants feel empowered to explore their personal and shared stories as women at the University of San Diego. Through identity exploration, participants will examine the role gender plays in their leadership approach.

Empower 2016 Small GroupParticipants will gain a greater understanding of empowerment as a foundation of leadership. They will be challenged to utilize their story as a tool which shapes their understanding and shapes them as leaders. The more participants understand their stories, the more self-empowered they become, thus allowing them to empower others to work together toward the common good.

Through a stronger understanding of leadership as a concept student leaders will be better equipped to support their peers (i.e., club members, staff members, residents, incoming students, peers) as well as take greater ownership of their role as women within the communities of which they are a part.

Intended Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Experience an environment where they feel empowered to share their story.
  • Understand the responsibility of a leader to foster environments where others feel empowered.
  • Hold a deeper understanding of their personal stories and gender identity and how both help to define their role and responsibility as a leader in the USD community.
  • Hear the stories of others and make connections to their own story.
  • Utilize connections between stories to identify and develop a shared vision/purpose.
  • Learn how gender informs and enhances their leadership styles.
  • Develop a network of support amongst female leaders on campus.