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Created, funded and directed by fellow USD alumni, the Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund was launched in 2006 to provide much-needed scholarships for USD students. Recipients of this scholarship are current USD students with financial need, strong academic merit and who give back to the USD and local community.

The USD Alumni Association Board of Directors set an ambitious $1 million goal for alumni-endowed scholarships by June 2012, and with your help, WE MET THE GOAL! The USD Wine Classic has raised more than $150,000 toward these scholarship funds. Click “SUPPORT” if you’d like to make a gift to the Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund.



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If you are unable to attend the USD Wine Classic, please consider supporting the USD Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund by making an online donation.

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“I sincerely appreciate your generosity as illustrated through the Alumni Endowed scholarship, and it is gratifying to know that a student's extracurricular involvement and hard work may be recognized and appreciated. It is inspiring to know that I not only have the support of my professors, advisors, classmates, and friends at USD, but an entire family of Torero alumni. Thank you.”
- Coral ’14, Recipient 2011-2012

"If I am able to give back even half of the life experience, advice, and funding that alumni today are helping me with, then I will have created a tangible, undeniable legacy of myself through investing in others. I know how much I appreciate the time and fiscal sacrifices of alumni, and I believe that when I am in their position in my future, the person I am becoming during my time at USD is one which will not hesitate to give back as much as I can in the hopes of changing the lives future students."
- Amelia ’14, Recipient 2011-2012

"The impact of donors is not limited to a financial contribution. I have been inspired and humbled by the kindness and generosity of the donors who make these scholarships possible. Thank you donors for making such a difference in my life."
- Bob ’12, Recipient 2011-2012

“Sincerity, empathy, and compassion embody the face of a scholarship donor…had it not been for the generosity of people like you I would not be here at the University of San Diego today.”
- Rita ’10